the man who sailed around his soul (tcb) wrote,
the man who sailed around his soul

What's in a (last) name?

Once again, a long return to LJ realizing that FB really doesn't seem right for some things.

We'll be soon having our second little one, most likely this coming week. We're still working on a first name, though we have a front runner, not too worried about that.

However, the topic of a last name is a bit more a quandary. Short form, goat has an awesome family. Mine? Kinda small, spread out, not very close.

I didn't "force" Liz to change her name when we got married. For Sahara, we chose Liz's last name.

For our second, Liz has said he could have my last name.. But is that a good idea? I lean towards consistency, but at the same time, my family has a long proud ancestral history, and I'm "the last of my name", a final branch of an old tree. Is that worth preserving? What's in the best interest of our child?
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